Ballast Water – Erma First – USCG TA BWTS

Ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations. But it also impacts serious ecological problems due to the multitude of marine species carried in ships’ ballast water.

Ballast water treatment is the process of treating the water in order to actively remove, kill and/or inactivate organisms prior to discharge. ERMA FIRST is the first full flow electrolysis Ballast Water Treatment System worldwide. ERMA FIRST comes in two different types of systems: ERMA FIRST BWTS and ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT.

ERMA FIRST BWTS is the industry’s standard system based on the most efficient filtration device, the multi hydrocyclones. The system uses an advanced filtration and cyclonic separation stage for the removal of large organisms and sediment in combination with an electrolytic cell for the production of free chlorine and the elimination of the remaining viable organisms.

ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is an advanced modular system that was developed to exceed all the special installation requirements either for New Building vessels or especially any retrofit project.