Innovative solution for retrofit and installation of Erma First Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) in the engine room onboard tankers.

Erma First is a simple full flow electrolytic BWTS. It mainly consists of an automatic self-cleaning filter and a low power electrolytic cell.

Installation of Erma First BWTS in the engine-room onboard tankers proves cost savings between USD 60.000 to 240.000 per ship. This is compared to an ex-proof pump room or deckhouse solution.

Ballast water treatment system


How does the new solution work?

The new engine room solution consists of 2 new ballast pumps which are installed in the engine room with inlet via a new or existing sea chest and a strainer for protection of the pumps.

These two new pumps will only be in operation during ballasting, whereas the existing deep-well or pump-room ballast pumps will be used during de-ballasting. This solution is only possible because Erma First BWTS is a one-way treatment system. The ballast water therefore only needs treatment during ballasting. This means that the system is by-passed during de-ballasting.

The outlet from the pumps firstly flows through a 40 mic automatic self-cleaning filter and then trough the electrolytic cell. The latter is designed as a pipe/tube in GRP. Therefore, it fits easily into the existing BW piping systems via the two standard flanges in each end.

Ballast water treatment system

The pipes then go up to the main deck, where the pipe is connected to the existing BW piping system in either a ballast tank or pump-room. To overcome the pressure, the new BW pumps are designed for 3,5 to 4 bar pressure head.



By installing Erma First in the engine room onboard tankers provides following advantages:

  • APT can be included in the existing system, hence eliminate the need and cost for a separate BWTS just for the APT.
  • Reduce the CAPEX by USD 60.000 to 200.000 per ship
  • Reduce OPEX as the complete system can be installed as standard and None-Ex proof
  • The APT can be included in the system without any extra cost
  • Increase safety for the crew as operation and service becomes more simple
  • No need to increase pump-head on the existing BW pumps
  • By removing the need pumping up and into a deckhouse, reduces the challenges during stripping and general operation
  • No need to strengthen the deck below a deckhouse before installation


Erma First Ballast Water Treatment System in general

  • Low power consumption e.g. a 1000 m3/h system only takes up 20 kWh
  • Only treatment during Ballasting, whereas De-ballasting is directly overboard
  • No corrosion risk, electrolytic cell is made in Titanium and GRP
  • We guarantee electrodes lifetime exceeds 5000 ballast intake operation hours ~ 10 to 15 years
  • All made in Europe, following highest European Standards of Construction
  • Simple operation and flexible installation – both the automatic filter and electrolytic cell can be installed vertical or horizontal.
  • Operates below -2 dg C and 0,9 PSU
  • No holding time and no reduction in flow rates during operation
  • Negligible hydrogen production of Max 0.1% due to Full Flow System
  • E-learning for crew and operator
  • No acid cleaning (CIP) is required (due to electrolytic cell geometry).

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