ERMA FIRST offers several retrofit services, we recommend the Option 3 which includes:

  • Inspection
  • 3d laser scanning
  • Feasibility study
  • Engineering study
  • Retrofit specifications

Scope and Extend: Attendance by two engineers onboard the vessel during dry docking or when in port, in order to investigate feasibility of installation of the ERMA FIRST Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS). All necessary areas will be scanned with a 3D Laser scanner and the generated point cloud will be used to evaluate/verify the different installation layouts.

After completion of scanning, 3D modeling of the main piping will be performed. The 3D modeling is being reviewed by using the output of the 3D scans of the areas chosen for new equipment components’ installation so as to evaluate their preliminary arrangement feasibility. These feasibility study results will be taken into consideration for the selection of the system, of which installation will be further studied and is considered to be the first stage of the installation study.

Performance of an engineering study for BWTS installation, based on available documentation and onboard survey results, including complete proposal with ballast water treatment system modeling, routing of piping (including piping isometric drawings, materials and parts list), specification of structure and outfitting modifications and Class required drawings.

Preparation of all necessary modifications of the “as built” drawings (structural, piping, outfitting, electrical).
Submittal of those drawings specified to the Client for their comment and approval. On receipt of the Client’s comments, ERMA FIRST will revise the affected drawings accordingly to obtain the necessary approvals.
Preparation of the required drawings, which will be submitted to vessel’s Classification Society and/ or Flag State as necessary, for approval.
Preparation of technical specification of modification/ retrofitting, in order to be submitted to various shipyards or repair facilities for receiving quotations.

Estimated Time of Delivery: Twenty (20) weeks after completion of the survey on board. Attendance onboard lasts one day.Deliverables: A report with the survey findings in electronic format. Also, all 3D scan files will be given to the Client.
A detailed report with the preliminary arrangement for the BWTS, including 3D model of the equipment, the basic piping systems and their location in the point cloud created after 3D laser scanning, for reference, followed by a detailed report of the study’s outcome and a presentation at the Client’s premises or a teleconference (at Client’s discretion) will be this project’s deliverables.
The deliverable engineering study file shall include:

  • Isometric piping drawings (with materials’ and parts’ list)
  • Detailed piping sections/ spools
  • Modifications of the affected “as built” structural, outfitting, diagrammatic piping and single line electrical drawings
  • Class approved drawings
  • Technical specification of installation and related modification works

ERMA FIRST is committed to work closely with the Classification Society, with absolute confidentiality and continuous communication of information.

Shipping moves over 80% of the world’s commodities and transfers approximately three to five billion tonnes of ballast water internationally every year. Ballast water is essential to the safe and efficient operation of shipping, but it also poses a serious ecological, economic and health threat through the transfer of invasive aquatic species inadvertently carried in it. Ballast water contains a variety of organisms including bacteria and viruses and the adult and larval stages of the many marine and coastal plants and animals. While the vast majority of such organisms will not survive to the point when the ballast is discharged, some may survive and thrive in their new environment. These ‘non-native species’, if they become established, can have a serious ecological, economic and public health impact on the receiving environment

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