ICCP for Ship & Offshore Structures

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System which utilizes the principle of shifting the neutral potential of metals protects the ship durably and effectively against corrosion. This ICCP system provides all-round protection, including the protection of the propulsion and rudder systems.

EPE S.A. also manufactures and installs Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems which operate with continuous supply of sufficient electrical power. The ICCP System comprises of rectifiers, transformers, anodes (FeSi Anodes Chrom, FeSi Anodes normal, MMO-Anodes, Paltinised Titanium Anodes, Anodeflex 1500), readers, testing contacts through which the protection of the structure is secured and monitored on site and/or remotely through interne

All the submerged metal parts of the vessel are effectively protected by our ICCP system. A clear indication of coating’s condition can be shown directly on the Touch Screen Display of specialised instrumentation of EPE. All data can be downloaded to an external computer and transferred by Internet for checking. System adjustments can also be made via the same procedure by uploading.

ICCP system is cost effective in the long run; its maintenance is almost free of cost and has a long lifetime (25 years).

The system is uniquely characterized by the extensive control and steering options and can be connected to the vessel’s management system. The special designed controlling program constantly processes the flow of data received from the sensors that are installed on the vessels.

Together with the high-grade coated titanium anodes and the reference electrodes, the power unit ensures the correct degree of protection in any situation. Even if the electrolytic effects of water vary considerably, this system quickly adapts and continues to offer correct and optimum protections.


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