(MGPS) Marine Growth Prevent System

In sea chests various types of shellfish grow that affect the heat transfer function to the vessel’s cooling systems.

The Impressed Current Antifouling (ICAF) System / Marine Growth Prevent System (MGPS) of POLCOR guarantees the effective prevention of this kind of fouling. The operational principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes. As the copper dissolves into the seawater, an ambient environment is created precluding fouling and protecting the box-coolers. The power unit of the system ensures that the copper anodes add the exact required amount of copper molecules to seawater. Perfect protection is guaranteed under all conditions.

The copper anodes of our ICAF/ MGPS system mounted in the sea chest or strainer are connected to the Power Unit. The lifetime of anodes is prolonged to the maximum and perfect protection is assured. In most cases, along with the copper anodes, aluminum or soft iron anodes must be installed to protect the pipe work against corrosion.

The perfect functioning of the system for a long term guarantees the protection of box-coolers and seawater intake cooling systems for decades. All data can be downloaded to an external computer and transferred by Internet for checking. System adjustments can also be easily made via the same procedure by uploading.

POLCOR Spare Elektrodes

POLCOR Spare Electrodes are produces and machined in a wide range of dimensions and lengths, suitable to be installed in existing antifouling systems.

You can send us your inquiry for any Copper, Aluminum or Iron electrodes that you may have on board by filling up the drawing which can download from here.


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