Magnetic Compass Adjustment (service)

Magnetic compass adjustment service so you can comply with the regulations.


The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that all ship’s Standard Magnetic Compass is properly adjusted.

This means that you should adjust your Magnetic Compass:

  • When it is first installed
  • No less often than intervals of two years
  • After dry-docking.
  • After significant structural work.
  • If they become unreliable – for example if the record deviations are excessive or if the compass shows physical defects.
  • When the ship has gone through structural alterations that could could affect its permanent and/or induced magnetism.
  • If you add, remove or alter electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass.
  • At any other time when the master deems it necessary for the safety of navigation.


Be on the safe side with authorized magnetic compass adjustment

With our authorized magnetic compass adjustment service, you can make sure that you comply with the regulations. When you need our service, you get a visit from one of our skilled technicians who do the compass adjusting for you. The compass adjusting itself aims to minimize the effects of the various magnetic fields by placing corrector magnets close to the compass enabling it to align correctly.

After we complete the adjustment, we issue a signed and stamped new deviation table. This you should keep visible on the bridge for possible inspections.

We provide our service in most ports in Denmark and South Sweden. Contact us here.



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