The GPC General Purpose Bio Cleaner is a unique liquid concentrate product combining high performance chemistry and micro-organisms that together offer an effective way of cleaning a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces. The result is a superior, environmentally-preferred solution to a wide range of cleaning applications.


  • Comprises a unique and highly effective modern chemistry with a specialised blend of natural bacterial cultures
  • Results in an instant clean followed by the ongoing degradation of organic wastes and soils
  • Bacteria continuously adapt to their environment by sensing the nature of the soil and secreting a range of hydrolase enzymes and bio-surfactants to specifically deal with the problem. This metabolism is essential in breaking down a wide range of organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and sugars found in common waste types
  • A safe and efficient all-in-one product for cleaning, deodorising, and removing stains from hard and soft surfaces


  • Public areas (restaurants, walk ways, floors, walls, tables, any had surface)
  • Washrooms/cabins (toilets, urinals, sinks, countertops, tiles, floors)
  • Galley (floors, walls, cabinets, cookers/hoods, bins, skips, compactors)
  • Guest services (carpets, upholstery, bedding)
  • Windows, mirrors, glass walls
  • White boards

Supplied as:

  • 2×5 liter drum
  • 12x750ml

General data

Health and Safety

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for specific information. Limitation of Liability Hans Buchs standard terms and conditions of sale, available on request, apply and contain limitations on any liability that may be incurred by Hans Buch arising in any way from the sale and use of products supplied by Hans Buch.

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