Visibility and Present Weather Sensors or also called “Sigtbarhedsmåler” in Danish

Biral forward scatter Present Weather Sensors measure visibility and report precipitation type and intensity. These compact sensors can identify a wide range of precipitation types including drizzle, rain, snow, hail, freezing rain and other forms of frozen precipitation. Precipitation type is reported using a combination of WMO Table 4680 and METAR codes. The range of precipitation types identified varies with sensor model.

The renowned HSS range of visibility and present weather sensors are the most accurate and durable on the market (with a proven track record of over 20 years) and are a must for many critical applications.

However, for applications not requiring such extreme levels of robustness and accuracy we have now introduced the new SWS low cost range of present weather sensors. The SWS sensors are less expensive than competitive sensors of a comparable quality.

Example: The VPF-730 Visibility sensor provides accurate visibility and present weather measurement in a compact and robust package, making it well suited to both general and offshore aviation applications.

Every aspect of the sensor’s design is focused on measurement accuracy, reliability and durability. The open design of the sensor head allows the free passage of air for greater measurement accuracy whilst the hard coat anodized dip brazed construction gives superb corrosion resistance, which is especially important in offshore applications.

The unique backscatter receiver gives the VPF-730 unparalleled abilities in distinguishing frozen from liquid precipitation, a key factor when determining the safety of aircraft operations. Present weather conditions are reported using WMO table 4680 codes to simplify system integration and compliance. An optional interface to the ALS-2 Ambient Light Sensor makes the VPF-730 suited for use in aviation applications where Runway Visual Range (RVR) information is required in addition to METAR data.

The VPF-730 can be AC mains or low voltage DC powered and hood heaters are available for use in areas prone to snow.


General data

Features for model VPF-730

15 WMO table 4680 present weather codes
Reliable measurement in all weather conditions
Highly corrosion resistant hard coat anodized finish
Window contamination monitoring and compensation
Unaffected by obstacle warning lights
Easy integration of Biral ALS-2 Ambient light sensor
Mains or DC powered
10m to 75km measurement range
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