ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS, being type approved by IMO and several classes, has remained without any changes or modifications throughout the USCG type approval process. Mr. Konstantinos Stampedakis Managing Director of ERMA FIRST stated, “It has been a long and demanding journey towards the USCG Type Approval and having submitted the application amongst the first, proves our ability to deliver a high quality and well-designed BWTS but also justifies the efforts and methodical work of our team of experts towards this objective”.

The system performed perfectly in a variety of challenging marine environments during the tests in Morocco, Spain, Netherlands, France, New York and Savannah. The testing period lasted 30 months having finished in autumn 2016. Tested at three water salinities, ERMA FIRST BWTS offers a reliable, simple and effective solution for all types and sizes of vessels. The smooth testing process proves that the system has been carefully designed, developed and engineered so as to undergo the most rigorous testing and ensure reliable operation in challenging natural water conditions.

Mr. Stampedakis also commented, “Our extensive knowledge and experience enables ERMA FIRST to provide with a superior BWTS that fully meets our customers’ needs. This reflects well on our testing results that meet and even exceed USCG criteria”. ERMA FIRST BWTS is flexible, modular and project-specific suitable for all special installation requirements in both new builds as well as retrofit projects. ERMA FIRST’s design simplicity and expertise on delivering challenging projects, has been well acknowledged by many ship-owners and operators who have already trusted the company with their retrofit installations.

The next certification step will be the application for IMO Type Approval according to the revised G8 Guidelines. This is planned for early summer 2017.


ERMA FIRST S.A. was established in 2009 by a team of specialists with strong background and expertise in waste and water treatment technology in Marine applications. Driven by the maritime needs and regulations, and monitoring the Environmental Protection challenges, the company started designing and manufacturing ballast water treatment systems. Being successfully tested in the most prominent test facilities, ERMA FIRST systems are certified and have been awarded prizes for technological achievement many times through the years. ERMA FIRST technology uses a 40 μm filtration followed by an efficient full flow electrolysis.
Nowadays, ERMA FIRST has a prestigious and fast growing reference list comprised of ship-owners and shipyards in Greece, Denmark, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, Turkey, Romania, US, etc.