When safety matters

We are proud to announce that Uni-Tankers and Hans Buch are expanding the corporation with Steri-7 biocidal disinfection series. Safety is a key element of Uni-Tankers' vision, and the innovative biocidal disinfection series from Steri-7 is a perfect match.

On Friday, November 3rd the new business was officially launched at the head office of Uni-Tankers in Middelfart.

Present were Uni-Tankers Purchasing Manager Majbritt Reichwald Hoffmann, from Hans Buch Sales Director Carsten Larsen (left), accompanied by CEO of Uni-Tankers Torben Andersen (right).

Safety matters to Uni-Tankers and when it is possible to implement new innovative products, Uni-Tankers are pleased to be a first mover.


We are always looking for new and innovative products which can benefit our company. With Steri-7 we feel confident that our employees are as safe as possible with the best technology, and the environment is considered. It is important to us to protect against the dangerous viruses present in some of the parts of the world where our fleet is trading.

Majbritt Reichwald Hoffmann, Purchasing Manager, Uni-Tankers A/S

We are pleased to have one of our important customers have decided to use the unique products from Steri-7. They understood from the beginning the benefits of Steri-7, and how it could be incorporated both onboard and onshore. We are confident that many other ship owners will recognize the benefits of Steri-7 in the complex maritime environment.

Carsten Larsen, Sales Director, Hans Buch A/S
About Uni-Tankers
Uni-Tankers A/S was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of United Shipping and Trading Company Ltd. (USTC) when owner and managing director, Torben Østergaard-Nielsen, decided to become a co-owner of a few smaller tankers. Today the fleet comprises 17 modern, larger oil and chemical product tankers operating worldwide. Uni-Tankers is headed by CEO Torben Andersen.
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About Steri-7
Steri-7 Hand Disinfection is 100% organic, provides up to 3 hours protection, killing 99,9999 % of all bacteria’s and viruses within seconds and works in soiled conditions. Steri-7 Surface cleaners can protect surfaces up to 72 hours with the unique Reactive Barrier Technology. It will allow the user to stop the spreading of bacteria’s, using Steri-7 surface cleaner on tables, door handles, pushbuttons and similar areas. Steri-7 products is distributed through Gertsen Global network, with products available in key locations.