Wake Equalizing Duct = WED is a system for the improvement of ship propulsion and performance economy

WED-fiiting can be done from New Building or as retrofit.


  • Reduction of fuel oil consumption 3-8%
  • Reduction of vibrations by about 50%
  • Can be done afloat – No docking needed

Power saving

The main advantage lies in power saving, which results from various effects.

These may be differentiated as follows:

  • Improvement of propeller efficiency from more axial flow and more equal velocity distribution over the disc area.
  • Reduction of flow separation at the after body. This effect is most prevalent and finds expression in reduction of thrust deduction fraction.
  • Generation of lift with a forward force component on the aerofoil section in a similar way though not as exaggerated as in the Kort-duct.
  • Uniform flow reduces propeller excited vibrations.
  • Reduction of propeller excited vibrations from decreased propeller tip loading in upper quadrants.
  • Improvement of steering qualities from more straightened flow to the rudder. In spade rudders the longer upper sections become more effective from higher flow velocity.
  • Improvement in course keeping ability from increased lateral plane area aft.
  • No constructional changes and no modifications in propeller design are involved when the duct is fitted subsequently to an existing ship

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