Test your starter in Europe's only test stand

At Hans Buch we have many years of experience with air starters from Ingersoll Rand, and we know how important they are to our customers.

Have you invested in a main engine, an auxiliary engine, an emergency genset for e.g. a powerplant or a hospital, it is very important that it always works.

That is why we have specialized in overhauling starters of all brands and have structured the entire process from reception to dispatch.

We have developed a unique solution, a test stand, that can document the starter's effect.

Systematized process from arrival to dispatch


  • After dismantling the starter, we do a visual check of the various components. We look at the shafts, pinion, safety clutch and turbine etc.
  • After the overhauling we install it in our test stand.
  • Here we ensure that the starter performs according to Ingersoll Rand's or other supplier's specifications.
  • When the test has been performed succesfully we return the starter with a certificate to the customer


How we test starters at Hans Buch - see Europe's only test stand in action

Would you also like to be completely sure that your starter works every time?

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