Hans Buch Global is a young dynamic concept, established and initiated by experience’s marine supply professionals.

The activities are focused on the global supply chain challenges faced daily by marine professionals working with Ship-owners, Off-shore, Shipyards, Navy and Operators. Hans Buch Global offers standardization of products, fixed price concept, easy access in key locations and with great focus on the environment.

We only sell quality products and they are identical in all our locations. This allows our marine customers to replenish their stock with identical products in key-ports.

Hans Buch Global provides unique and standard marine products, handles warehousing and replenishment. Allowing local sales partners to enter the concept, connect with their existing customers base and supply from which ever worldwide warehouse is closest to the vessel. Hans Buch Global fully supports a SALES PARTNER PHILOSOPHY, giving the chance for partners to expand their portfolio towards the End User.

The concept is fully owned and managed by Hans Buch Marine

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