The Polar Jet PJ 25 is a twin nozzle, non‐ programmable tank cleaning machine ideal for portable use. Particularly suitable for corrugated tanks where cleaning is required at more than one level without the use of fixed multi‐stage systems.

It can also be used as a fixed installation either mounted on a standpipe from deck or submerged, installed in the bottom of the tanks as an effective compliment to any deck‐ mounted machine. The symmetrically opposed nozzles are driven by an integrated turbine and gearing unit providing safe and reliable starting and stable speed control. Rotation in the horizontal plane combined with vertical movement provides an almost spherical cleaning pattern. Speed will vary slightly according to nozzle size and pressure with one full cycle taking approximately 30 minutes.

The PJ 25 can be supplied complete with tank cleaning hose, deck flange, hose saddle and deck pipe coupling. Polarmarine provide in‐house Shadow Diagrams using 3‐Dimensional CAD for model Selection, Quantity, Positioning and Main Pipe Lengths to optimize cleaning coverage per unit. The Shadow Diagrams are made according to DNV ETC, Effective Tank Cleaning. Standard material is according to SUS 316L. As optional with higher grade, Stainless Steel with Molybdenum equal or higher than 2.5% is also offered.


  • Two or four nozzles
  • Ideal as portable machine but can also be a fixed installation mounted on a standpipe
  • Non-programmable
  • Suitable for corrugated tanks
  • Can be delivered with all necessary accessories, such as hose, couplings, flanges and hose saddle

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