TD-L1550A VHF Direction finder


Main unit:
Size (mm): W 205 x H 213 x D 95
Weight: 2,7 kg
Power supply: 10 – 16 VDC, AC on option

Antenna (Type : EA-351A):
H type adcock antenna
Antenna cable : coaxial cable RG58A/U twin type

* 100 sets of channel with type of station can be memorised.
* Scan(100 channels) reception is available.
* Data output with NMEA0183 format is No longer available.
* Bearing display : 3 numerical LEDs in 10 steps
* Reception : Double super heterodyne with PLL synthesizer   

Frequency range
* International VHF band (for spot reception)
* U.S. weather channel or Scandinavian fishing channel
* Distress frequency : 121.5 MHz

Wave form : F3E and A3E (121.5 MHz only)

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