Find out where you can encounter Hans Buch during exhibitions in 2024

Get a unique opportunity to meet us face to face. We continuously strive to be available in various professional settings, which is why we participate in several trade shows throughout the year. Below you’ll find a list of the currently scheduled trade shows and exhibitions where you have the opportunity to meet us. Please note that additional events may be added throughout the year, so be sure to stay updated.


Future-proof your business! Do you want to explore the latest technology and learn how robots and drones can enhance your company’s economy, security, and work environment? R-24 is your opportunity to experience the most advanced technology, updates from the robotics industry, and meet robot enthusiasts from across Europe.

Visiting R-24 as a guest is free – registration opens in January 2024.

13. – 15. March

STF Industri dag

Dive into the future of industry at STF’s Industry Day 2024! This year’s event theme is resource utilization, offering you the opportunity to explore innovative methods to optimize and maximize resource utilization in the industry. In addition to this, you will gain insights into the revision of emission permits and learn how machine learning actively integrates and enhances processes in industrial facilities. Join us in exploring new paths to sustainability, efficiency, and technological development at STF’s exciting Industry Day 2024!

19. March

DIRA Business & Robotbrag

Embark on an inspiring journey into the future of robotics technology and automation at DIRA Business and ROBOTBRAG 2024, organized by the Danish Technological Institute in Odense.

On May 30th and 31st, 2024, Forskerparken opens its doors for the annual robot celebration, where Danish companies have the opportunity to experience tomorrow’s production and robotics technology and engage in exciting dialogues with the Danish Technological Institute’s independent robot specialists. The festivities are proudly organized in collaboration with DIRA.

Meet suppliers at DIRA Business, serving as the showcase for the robotics industry, and explore the latest technologies and solutions.

Have the opportunity to discuss your needs and challenges directly with experts in robotics technology and automation and receive tailored advice for your company.”

30. – 31. May

STF Årsmøde

Join STF’s exciting annual meeting, where the wastewater industry gathers for a day of knowledge, networking, and inspiration.

At STF’s annual meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the latest research, technology, and trends in water treatment and management.

This year, there’s also the chance to participate in guided tours of selected locations at VandCenter Syd, where you can gain unique insights into advanced water treatment facilities and technologies.

As an extra bonus, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet our company, Hans Buch, and gain insights into our innovative solutions and products for the water industry.

Join us at STF’s annual meeting to stay updated on the latest in the water industry, expand your network, and gain inspiration for your company’s future projects and initiatives.

07. June


DALO Industry Days once again welcome you to two days of Scandinavia’s largest defense industry exhibition. This is a unique opportunity for companies and guests to meet FMI case handlers, operational units, and international delegations, as well as participate in live demonstrations and establish valuable B2B connections.

In addition to fostering fruitful dialogue between the Defense and industry regarding current collaboration opportunities, FMI Industry Day also provides companies the opportunity to showcase their latest projects and innovations. This knowledge sharing influences the Defense’s long-term Acquisition Plan and simultaneously serves as an excellent opportunity to market products abroad with support from the Defense.

21. – 22. August


At AUTOMATIK, you have a unique opportunity to explore new suppliers and potential partners, network with industry experts, and stay updated on the latest technologies and solutions that can automate and optimize processes in your company.

An impressive selection of exhibitors is ready to engage in dialogue and collaboration across a wide range of areas, including Industrial Automation, Electrical Automation, Motion & Drives, Transmission Technology, Process Automation, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Industrial IT, and Robotics Technology.

In addition to the exciting exhibition, AUTOMATIK also offers a strong and current conference program focusing on the challenges of today and tomorrow within automation and technology. Together, these elements provide the perfect foundation for updating and expanding your knowledge of new solutions and opportunities within automation.

10. – 12. september


InnoTrans 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology, takes place from September 24th to 27th at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Divided into five trade segments – Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors, and Tunnel Construction – InnoTrans will occupy all 42 available halls and showcase the latest innovations and developments in the transport industry.

One of the unique features of InnoTrans is its extensive outdoor and track display area spanning over 3,500 meters, where a wide range of vehicles, from tank cars to high-speed trains, will be presented. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience these state-of-the-art technologies up close and in action.

24. – 27. September

Dansk Fjernvarme Landsmøde

This year’s annual meeting hosted by Danish District Heating has a lot to live up to when we look back on last year’s event. There, the focus was on reducing CO2 emissions and green transition. This annual event is definitely something we look forward to.

In recent years, the district heating industry has shown that we can react quickly, adapt, and evolve to be an active contributor to Denmark’s goals of reducing CO2 emissions. District heating plays a central role in accelerating Denmark’s green transition because it is the key and nucleus of the green Denmark.

The district heating sector has the courage to make green choices for a secure future. Let us together explore and discuss the way forward at the Danish District Heating Annual Meeting 2024.

24. – 25. October

Building Green

Sustainability in construction takes center stage at Building Green 2024. Over two days at Forum, you will be presented with a comprehensive program featuring prominent Danish and international speakers as well as exciting debates, providing their perspectives on how we can move towards regenerative construction and elevate our sustainable ambitions.

Under the theme ‘Regenerative Construction,’ you will gain new knowledge, inspiration, and insights into sustainability in construction. You will delve into topics such as all forms of life, renovation and transformation, materials with respect for the planet, and energy and CO2 emissions. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience a large exhibition showcasing solutions and products, all with sustainability as a focal point.

30. – 31. October

STF Døgnkursus

Meet us at STF’s annual 24-hour course. We are excited to see what the Wastewater Technical Association has planned for this year. As tradition dictates, we expect that Friday afternoon will be divided into two parts, where attendees can learn more about processes in wastewater treatment plants or sewage systems.

Hans Buch will be present as a participant and looks forward to meeting all the skilled professionals.

01. – 02. November

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