T4 gasdetektor på dragt

Gas detection is a crucial aspect across various industries and settings. On this page, we have compiled a number application areas where gas detection plays a vital role.

EV charging station

Charging stations for vehicles and machinery and such as forklifts contain batteries emitting hydrogen fumes. Monitoring hydrogen levels ensures a safe working environment, and it can reduce the power consumption use for ventilation.

Biogas plants

Biogas plants require continuous detection and control of gases, as methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide are produced. It is often required that biogas plants monitor the gases, which emphasise the importance of choosing your service partner with great care.

Sewage work

Working in sewers poses life-threatening risks with toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide potentially accumulating underground. A handheld gas detector is indispensable to ensure safety in sewer systems.

Parking facilities

Parking garages pose explosion hazards due to carbon monoxide: Gas detection is mandatory and reduces the risk. Gas detection ensures that ventilation is only activated when necessary, which also saves energy in the long run.


Laboratories often stock butane and other gases, necessitating a stationary gas meter. This applies to institutions like physics and chemistry labs in schools as well.

Water treatment

A wastewater treatment plant produces and releases many gases, including chlorine and methane. Various solutions exist for measuring gas in these facilities, but the majority use a stationary gas meter mounted directly on the pipes.

Equipment from Crowcon

At Hans Buch, we prioritise workplace safety. Our partnership with Crowcon ensures access to top-quality gas detection equipment. Crowcon offers a diverse range of products that can elevate your company’s security levels. Utilising Crowcon’s gas detection can achieve SIL level 4, and their equipment is suitable for use in non-ATEX approved zones 1 and 2.

T¤ håndholdt gasdetektor

Crowcon T4 Handheld Gas Detector

Versatile, mobile and uncompromising.

  • Detects H2S, O2, CO, and flammable gases
  • Versatile, mobile, and durable
  • Resistant to water and dust (IP65 and IP67)
  • 95 dB alarm, lights, and haptic feedback on gas detection
  • Rechargeable battery lasting up to 18 hours for extensive data logging sessions

Used by The Danish Armed Forces

We supply Crowcon’s gas detectors to The Danish Armed Forces, establishing a direct link between them and Crowcon. Our commitment ensures streamlined communication and a sales agreement that we take great pride in. As one of Crowcon’s few certified service partners in the Nordics, our association reflects the uncompromising quality standards upheld by both organisations.

Do you and your company require guidance for gas detection? Contact us via phone or e-mail for a non-binding dialogue and learn more about the complete assortment range from Crowcon.

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