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– Lighting the Way for Sustainable Seas, One Vessel at a Time.

Hans Buch supplies extremely durable LED tubes and floodlights, contributing to energy and CO2 savings on vessels. So far, we’ve delivered more than 150.000 to different to Maersk, Shell LNG, DSB and many others.


Our Engineering and Investment Process

Based on your good vessels light diagram, we calculate the estimated CO2 & kWh savings obtained by converting the lights on your vessel to LED. If the light diagrams won’t suffice, we offer a free onboard survey (excl. lodging and transport) to determine the exact number of tubes, floodlights and bulbs. Finally, we present an investment overview for the complete ship including total kWh and CO2 savings along with an estimated payback time.

LED Power Saving Estimate

Hans Buch delivers a detailed investment overview showcasing the energy and CO2 savings obtained by converting fluorescent tubes and light bulbs to LED on your specific vessel.

The example on the right is from an LED/light bulb conversion on a tanker.

Annual energy savings: 201.470 kWh

Annual decarbonization: 100.730 kg CO2

Payback time: 6 months

T8 LED tubes

Our robust design ensures that our LED tubes are resistant against vibrations, making it ideal for use within offshore and the maritime industry. Additionally, it is equipped with anti-corrosion WF2 technology, ensuring its longevity even in harsh environments. The reinforced polycarbonate construction further enhances its durability.

With explosion-proof capabilities and approval for Zone 1 & 2. The ex-proof grade Ex db IIB T5 guarantees its reliability in potentially explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, the stainless steel mounting brackets (SS 316) provide secure installation.

With a protection grade of IP66, our product is fully protected against dust and water ingress. It operates on AC/DC 12-220 volt power and utilizes 2 drivers ana high quality cooling fin to ensure a long lifespan.

T8 Specifications

T8 LED Tube uses 50% – 90% less energy compared to conventional tubes, depending on the age and type of the lamp in question. The lifespan of T8 LED Tube is many times that of a conventional tube, thus reducing the repair costs of lighting significantly. Easy installation process, low replacement cost, saving labor cost, no need to remove the original magnetic ballast and rewiring again.

Better luminance 

T8 LED Tube performs well with high color rendering. There is an unbroken full spectrum which helps us to distinguish colors for the whole area of visible light. The light is also available for your use without delay and without the flickering normally associated with the switching-on stage.


By choosing T8 LED Tube, you will also have a positive impact on the environment. T8 LED Tube does not contain mercury, lead or any other heavy metals. This is why T8 LED Tube are not categorized as hazard waste. Also, because of the energy efficiency of T8 LED Tube, the need for electricity produced from fossil fuels decreases.

Safer lighting 

By replacing your traditional lights with T8 LED Tube, you will eliminate many of the risks related to lighting such as UV light that is harmful to people. Also LED lamps contain no dangerous substances such as mercury. No radiation, no frequency flash, instant startup, no hurting eyes.

NavyBasic Floodlight

Optimised smooth curve heat-sink body with a perfect thermal management ensures efficient heat dissipation and prevents overheating. Additionally, the heat-sink design allows for easy flushing out of dirt and debris, ensuring optimal performance. The marine rate anti-corrosion coating protects the light fixture from the harsh effects of saltwater and other corrosive elements. The LED system is available in various wattages ranging from 30W to 1500W, offering a wide range of options to suit different lighting needs.

The LED is available in Cool, Natural, Warm White, or Amber, with the Amber option being turtle-friendly. The choice of narrow, medium, or wide LED lenses or reflectors further enhances the adaptability of the fixture. The light fixture has instant switch ON/OFF capability for immediate illumination.

Optional features include 1-10V DALI dimming for enhanced control and secondary HV surge protection for added safety. The LED drivers, ensures a reliable and durable lighting solution with a long lifespan.

NavyTech Floodlight

The aluminum alloy construction of the NavyTech floodlight ensures durability and strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. The 4mm thick tempered glass provides excellent protection and clarity, with over 95% light transmission.


  • UL 844, Luminaires for Use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations
  • CSA C222 N o.137-M1981, Luminaires for Use in Hazardous Locations
  • UL 1598A for Marine E nvironments
  • ATEX – DEMKO 18 ATEX 1 765 Rev. 0
  • IECEX UL 180046
  • LM79 Data Av ailable Upon Request

This floodlight is designed to withstand shock and vibrations, making it reliable in harsh environments. With a high efficiency of up to 110 lm/w, it offers bright illumination while conserving energy. The L70 rating of over 54,000 hours guarantees a long lifespan.

Additionally, it is dust tight and can withstand immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter. This makes it ideal for various industries, including heavy industry, mining, refineries, Oil&Gas, chemical industry, coastal marine facilities, and corrosive applications. The product comes with a standard surface/wall mount, and an adjustable mount bracket is included. A pendant kit is also available as an optional accessory.

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