FILTREX is a high performance and world leading manufacturer of quality automatic selfcleaning filters. This includes filters for Lube Oil, Fuel Oil and Water within Marine and Offshore.  With more than forty years of experience in the filtration, FILTREX delivers automatic self-cleaning filters for many different application such as Ballast Water, Engines, Industrial applications etc.

Automatic selfcleaning filters for lube oil

FILTREX Automatic Selfcleaning Filters for Lube Oil are made to protect the Engine internal parts for any failures. The filter is based on continuous backwashing driven by the filtered oil feeding the hydraulic motor. This makes it independent from external power sources.

These automatic filters remove even the finest particles such as the carbon residues. It thereby monitor the Lube Oil Quality to safeguard the engine.

The FILTREX lube Oil filter is very robust and takes up very limited space. Therefore, it perfectly matches the engines interface.

The filter can be delivered with Sludge Recovery Unit, which definitively removes the impurities from the LO circuit.

Filtration of fuel oil

FILTREX Automatic Selfcleaning Filters for Fuel Oil is made to protect and extend the lifetime of the Diesel engine injection pumps, exhaust valves and piston rings.

The FILTREX Fuel Oil filter is very robust and takes up very limited space. This makes at perfect for installation within the fuel pressure systems.

The backwashing filters is driven by an electric motor with cleaning-based pressure drop or timer. It can be installed either on the Supply or Booster side. Based on a small amount of backwash fluid it ensures limited waste thus ensures huge savings during operation.

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