NP5000 Series For ships >100 m

NP 5000 provides heading control, and course control and is part of a track control system. It combines best steering performance with lowest rudder activity for less fuel consumption. In addition it allows an intuitive operation and provides a perfect feedback about the steering performance.

Do you care about fuel consumption?

In Economy mode the intelligent adaptivity of NP 5000 analyses the yawing movements of the vessel. Periodical movement is identified and the controller reduces its sensitivity to such movements. Subsequently less rudder action is required, which leads to lower levels of speed reduction and thus less fuel consumption – automatically and continuously


  • Precise steering
  • Unique Anschütz steering algorithms
  • Ease of use and intuitive handling
  • Fuel-saving thanks to weather adaptivity
  • Simple adjustment of autopilots parameters by use of heading and rudder plotter
  • Cross acceleration monitor for identification of dangerous situations
  • Course control mode for automatic drift compensation
  • Approved as part of a track control system in combination with several ECDIS
  • Approved for high speed crafts

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