High Intensity Aviation Warning Obstruction Light

In Denmark obstruction aviation warning lights are typically known as “Hindringslys” and are regulated by “Trafikstyrelsen” via BL 3-10 Bestemmelser om luftfartshindringer”.

The cooperation between Hans Buch A/S and Obelux started with a succesful delivery of the world’s first LED High Intensity system for Wind Turbine Applications. Read more here.

Unlike low/medium intensity lights, a high intensity LED light typically does not provide 360˚ coverage, which requires the use of at least 3 x light heads at each level. The white lights typically flashes 40 times in a minute, at an intensity of 200.000 candelas for daytime, 20.000 candelas at twilight, and 2.000 candelas at nighttime. The lights are suitable for larger systems where remote monitoring is required.

General data

Key Features

5 year warranty
Very low total lifetime costs
Over 10 years of continuous, maintenance free operating time
Marine grade aluminium enclosure
Lightweight and small – low wind load factor
Easy to install
Based on LED technology
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Patrick Darrell

Phone: +45 43 68 50 04

Email: pd@hansbuch.dk

Kristian Kristensen

Phone: +45 43 68 50 04

Email: ksk@hansbuch.dk

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