Low Intensity Obstruction Aviation Warning lights

In Denmark obstruction aviation warning lights are typically known as “Hindringslys” and are regulated by “Trafikstyrelsen” via BL 3-10 Bestemmelser om luftfartshindringer”. Low intensity is mostly fixed red light with an intensity of 32 candela.

Obelux LED obstruction lights (hindringslys: 10 cd or 32 cd) can be used to exchange older traditional REOFON lamps. This will reduce energy consumption from approx. 70 watts/unit to 1,5 or 3 watts (10 or 32 cd). So Return On Investment or payback time will be fairly short.

The latest product development is the “SAL-series” with integrated fault monitoring and day/night switch. Read more here

General data

Key features

5 year warranty
Based on LED technology
Extremely low power consumption
Integrated photocell (Day/Night sensor) as an option
Obelux state-of-the-art optic lens design
Can be used as a separate unit or integrated for a larger system

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