The steering & bearing repeaters uses a 360° and a 10° compass card. In addition heading information is shown on a digital display. The heading source indication is displaying the source of heading information such as gyro, satellite or magnetic compass

The digital repeater compasses indicates heading and rate-of-turn as a tendency indication. Heading changes are indicated by a two color LED ring indicator

The Nav Data Repeater is a multi-functional display and converter unit. Data for heading, set heading, speed and rate-of-turn can be displayed. Heading changes are additionally visually indicated by a LED tape indicator. The Nav Data Repeater converts also synchro and step signals from old gyro compasses and speed log data (200 pulses/nm) into NMEA telegrams


  • Self synchronizing
  • 150 mm compass card
  • Analogue and digital display
  • Heading source indication
  • 180°offset function for use on double-end ferries
  • Dimmer
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Indication of alarms in combination with Gyro Compass Standard 22

 Specific for the Nav Data repeater:

  • Displays heading, course to steer, speed, based on NMEA telegrams
  • Rate-of-turn tendency indicator
  • Converts various synchro / step heading signals and pulse log (200 p/nm) into NMEA for output and display
  • Converts older NMEA telegrams to NMEA version 2.3
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