Anschütz Standard 30 MF Gyro Compass (HRG)

The use of HRG technology together with the simple design makes it extremely reliable with no wear and tear and no need for maintenance. The mean time between failures (MTBF) value of Standard 30 MF is more than 100,000 hours.

The Anschütz Standard 30 MF Gyro Compass has a strong focus on robustness. Among others, Standard 30 MF settles at rough-seas and provides heading output (with reduced accuracy) even if speed and latitude input fails – a significant difference to other compass systems.

For vessel with DP system, Standard 30 MF offers an additional benefit: some classification societies allow to replace a motion reference unit (MRU) with the roll and pitch output of Standard 30 MF.

  • High accuracy of 0.25 degrees, ultra-robust design
  • Highly cost-effective over lifetime through maintenance-free technology
  • Superior and durable HRG technology (MTBF >100,000 h)
  • Significantly better longterm stability than an FOG, no drift
  • Heading sensor and MRU in one (roll and pitch output), thus reduction in investment and maintenance cost
  • Settling time of only one hour, settles at rough sea states
  • Heading monitor and selector with automatic switch-over (configurable)
  • Automatic speed / latitude error correction
  • Individual speed error correction
  • Independent transmitting magnetic compass (TMC) path
  • Ethernet interfaces for data communication with Integrated Navigation Systems or Central Alert Management Displays
  • Perfect for installation in newbuild and for retrofit projects or an extension of Standard 22 gyro compass systems
  • IMO approved for standard and high-speed crafts and as rate-of turn indicator
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