Danelec DM800 ECDIS

The Danelec DM800 ECDIS features Danelec Marine’s unique SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology, which is a critical element for easy serviceability incorporated into all Danelec products.

SWAP technology™ simplifies shipboard service by storing all system software, configuration, cartography, routes, etc. on a hot-swappable memory card that can easily be removed from the old hardware unit and inserted into the new one in case of failure.

In addition, Danelec Marine ECDIS systems are designed around a purpose-built Linux-based computer platform rather than an off-the-shelf PC, with fewer components for better reliability


  • Dual Processor system
  • Advanced network capability
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • 12 serial (NMEA) inputs
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