Evac offers a wide range of freshwater conditioning units to complete your onboard water treatment systems. Evacs units can be used to monitor, adjust, and control the following parameters:

  • Free chlorine
  • pH
  • Hardness/Alkalinity
  • Redox potential
  • Conductivity
  • LSI (Langelier Saturation Index)

Evacs highly sophisticated water treatment systems produce high-quality potable water that meets all relevant regulations, including those from the WHO and USPH.


  • Disinfection by chlorination or UV
  • pH adjustment by acid/base dosing
  • Hardness adjustment by mineralization
  • Catalyst dosing at mineralization with acid or carbon dioxide
  • Softening with mineralization


  • Produced water treatment
  • Bunker water treatment
  • Distribution water treatment
  • Distant point measurement
  • Softening filter systems
  • AC-drain water treatment
  • De-copperizing filter systems
  • Laundry water treatment
  • pH adjustment for technical water
  • UV systems

Fresh water generation
Fresh water generation systems turn seawater into process, service, and drinking water. The equipment also filters and disinfects the water, adjusts its hardness, and mineralizes fresh water that has been created or stored.

Evac offers seawater desalination units using reverse osmosis (RO), as well as potable water treatment equipment using mineralization and disinfection. Our product range includes equipment for the differing requirements of passenger, merchant, and naval ships, as well as offshore facilities and buildings.

Evac RO desalination units are economical and energy efficient, especially compared to evaporators. If energy recovery systems are used, even higher energy efficiency can be achieved, leading to a shorter amortization time.

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