Hans Buch Marine - your partner now and in the future
For nearly 100 years, Hans Buch has provided companies with solutions that meet their needs. We have built up a know-how that makes us an attractive partner that can offer solutions from carefully selected suppliers. We ensure our customers good technical solutions, high quality, fast and reliable deliveries as well as strong support. And that's not just what we say - that's how we do!

Our goals are clear

  • Focus on solutions and products of high quality
  • Customer needs are crucial to our choice of suppliers
  • Create mutual partnership with customers and suppliers
  • Work solution-oriented and targeted in relation to the task
  • Apply and develop application knowledge
  • Continuous education and training of our staff
  • Ongoing identification and development of new business areas
The 7 most important things to know about Hans Buch Marine
  1. We cover a very broad spectrum in relation to the products
  2. We can create the right solution that meets your requirements
  3. You get high quality products and solutions
  4. You can collect your purchase with us and thus reduce the number of suppliers
  5. You will get qualified assistance both before, during and after the purchase
  6. You get future-proof solutions
  7. You get a supplier who sees you as a valuable partner
Ready to hear more about our ambitions in relation to you?