GT Bio-Block

GT Bio-Block contains bacteria capable of degrading FOG. When combined with specific nutrients and slow release oxygen sources they can continue to break down FOG at the very low dissolved oxygen concentrations encountered in almost all drain line applications.

The product is designed to be used from point of discharge (sink) through the entire drain line system right up to the sewage treatment plant. GT Bio-Block is proven to completely dissolve in 4-6 weeks to fit with common service or inspection cycles. The Bio-Block is completely soluble, the sock is biodegradable and can be disposed of as compostable waste.

The GT Bio-Block is specifically manufactured for slow release. Combination of selected
surfactants, binders and salts form a protective gel when the product is immersed in water. This
ensures that turbulence and shear forces of fast flowing effluent does not overdose the system
nor reduce the lifetime of the product.


General data

Unit weight/dimensions

6 x 2 kilos (10 cm diameter x 12 cm depth), Item no. 10004-12
5 kilos (16 cm diameter x 14 cm depth), Item no. 10025-05

Sock material

Tight mesh cotton woven tube, bonded stitch

Product shelf-life

24 months (unopened/cool/dry)

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