RBC Bio Pillows

RBC Oil Absorbent Bio Pillows contain specialty microbes (these support the function of natural bacterial flora to digest oils and grease), breaking down the absorbed hydrocarbons by bacterial action. Once these start growing each pillow is capable of degrading in excess of 1.5kg of oily waste per week.

The only maintenance they require is periodic replacement. With the RBC Oil Absorbent Bio Pillows being non-toxic and containing no hazardous materials they do not require any hazard chemical labels. They are tough, resilient and very durable and when the source of oils can be predicted the pillow contents can be optimised to deal with expected contamination


  • Bioremediation pillow for the treatment of oils in bilge tanks, single or multi-stage oil interceptors, drainage culverts and leachate lagoons
  • Application specific oil degrading bacteria are adsorbed to an oil attracting polymer
  • The product floats in water and the polymer captures surface oils. The bacteria grow on the oil and degrade it
  • Captures up to 14x its own weight of oil. Each Bio-Pillow may last for 4 months
  • Oil (measured as TOC) can be reduced by 99 %

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