2-axis ultrasonic wind sensors and anemometers (WindObserver range)

The Gill WindObserver is a precision industrial anemometer in a robust stainless steel construction. WindObserver has an optional heating system and is available with a range of mounting and connection options + cables etc. Manufactured from stainless steel with no moving parts, the sensor requires no on-site calibration and minimal maintenance.

Sensor can be supplied in a variant that has been accepted for service by both the FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA) and the CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) for the observation and reporting of surface wind.

Two different heating options with up to 150 Watts of electrical heating in the anemometer head producing 1 Watt/cm², the sensor can be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

General data

Key features

Robust stainless steel casing
Precision wind speed and direction measurement
Suitable for harsh industrial applications
Compact and lightweight
Manufacturers website (link to individual datasheets)

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