Observator has developed a special weather system to be used for (unmanned) heliports. The system broadcast (METAR information) contain essential weather information like:


Danish regulations regarding Heliports:

BL 3-8 Bestemmelser om etablering og drift af helikopterflyvepladser

BL 7-18 Bestemmelser om meteorologisk udstyr på flyvepladser


ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service):

The professional system can be provided with an additional ATIS module to inform the pilot by automatic voice message via a standard VHF radio. The OMC-141 Automatic Terminal Information Service, or ATIS, is a continuous broadcast of recorded non-control weather information for unmanned hospitals, offshore or wind energy platforms.

Helicopter pilots usually listen to an available ATIS broadcast before the final approach, in order to have a safe landing on the platform. The helipilot can, by using the VHF radio, request the actual weather information (by automatic voice message) from the unmanned station.


General data


Wind speed and direction
Temperature / humidity / dew point
Double barometric pressure
Visibility and present weather
Cloud height
Lightning incl. direction
Options for remote access via web interface
Automatic logging
(ATIS) Automatic Terminal Information Service functions

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