In 1918, Frank Sinatra is 3 years old, the first speech film is not yet shown in Denmark, and an engineering and trading company named Hans Buch & Co. is founded. More specifically, Tuesday, October 1, 1918, engineer Hans Buch opened the business in Nyhavn 43 in Copenhagen.

At that time, the latest in modern technology was the invention of stainless steel two years prior. A lot has happened since, and through technical and commercial knowledge, consultancy and service, Hans Buch has managed to create a position as the industry's preferred partner in core engineering, marine engineering and electrical engineering - in Denmark and internationally.

"100 years ago Hans Buch's ambition was to focus on the customers’ challenges and find the right solutions in order for the customers to concentrate on what they did best. Today it is still our primary focus and even though the technology has evolved over the past 100 years, our customers still have the same challenges, and we exist to solve them."

Henriette Olsen, CEO

An experienced company with modern solutions
Hans Buch A/S - who has changed owners and name since then - is still ongoing despite its many years. Today Hans Buch is a modern company and because of its many years in business, it offers an experience and knowledge beyond the usual, gathered through generations of competent and curious employees. The company specializes in finding the best and most reliable solutions for the industry in areas such as process control and data collection, measurement, instrumentation, electro mechanics, pumps, marine equipment and railway equipment.

"Although we may be aging, we are far from old-fashioned. We develop, keep up with modern technologies and at the same time have a century of experience."

Henriette Olsen, CEO

An extraordinary celebration
It is not in the company’s spirit that the anniversary of Hans Buch should only be celebrated by blowing out 100 candles in a birthday cake, although it is certainly not an exception. Hans Buch would like to acknowledge that it is not every day that a Danish company turns 100 years old, and therefore the engineering and trading company has planned something extra to celebrate this event. The anniversary is celebrated over the coming year with a series of articles that focuses on the company's highlights - decade for decade - from 1918 until today.

Read the history that has surrounded the company for 100 years, up to the modern engineering and trading company that Hans Buch is today:

The anniversary year is kicked off!

HB 100 aar ledelsesgruppe

On Friday, January 12, the anniversary year was started, and Hans Buch invited all Fritz Schur Technical Group staff to cake.

The picture shows Hans Buch's management team, which from the left consists of:

Carsten Larsen (Sales Director, Maritime)
Lars Kirk Vindfeldt (Service Manager)
Michael Holm-Hansen (Supply Chain Manager)
Henriette Olsen (CEO)
Henrik Lykkegaard (Division Manager)