Loewe Marine can assist with a number of different services, such as on board service team either when dry-docking or while in service.

Some examples of our services in the areas of merchant ships, mega-yacht, special shipbuilding and in the offshore sector:

  • Onsite steering gear service
  • Onsite rudder service
  • Advice on problems with systems and on damage/losses
  • Ascertainment and repair of damage in cooperation with experts and on the engagement of experts (including and excluding attestation)
  • Repairs to components and supply systems in cooperation with our partners
  • Consultation of shipping companies and suppliers regarding „Green Shipping “ inclusive BWT, ECA requirements & use of LNG as fuel onboard of vessels
  • Project management for national and international new ship constructions, ship repairs and ship conversions
  • Hydrodynamic assessments of propulsion systems and the drafting of conversion options with the focus on cost reduction and feasibility
  • Sales management, role of commercial agent and representation for companies
  • Global owner representation or assistance with FATs and with the acceptance of construction work
  • Initiation and supervision of special ship construction projects and individual and series designs
  • Consulting service during the initiation, design, construction and after-sales phases
  • Contract consultation and contract negotiations with shipyards and suppliers
  • Design inspection, consulting service on ship structures and supply systems such as hatch cover systems, propulsion and manoeuvring technology and construction supervision for these structures and systems
  • Inspection of maintenance work and ships

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