EPE has a record with more than 100 surveys on board vessels. EPE has established – on a constant basis – cooperation with accredited laboratories according to EN ISO/1EC 17025:2005 for analysis of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

A short description of our methodology for Compilation of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials on an existing ship according to the guidelines of MEPC.197(62) , GL IHM rules and the EU regulation 1257/2013 on ship recycling has the following steps:

Collection of data
Documents, plans, manuals, certificate etc.

Assessment of collected information

Preparation of Visual/Sampling Check Plan
A plan is prepared so every item (equipment, system and/or area) of the previous step will be checked visual or by sampling depending on its classification (“contained”, “not contained”, “unknown” etc.)

Sending Visual/Sampling Check Plan to the Classification for approval if required
The Classification is Owner’s choice.

Approval/amendment of Visual/Sampling Check Plan (VSCP) by Classification if needed

Onboard Visual/Sampling Check
It is conducted according to the approved VSCP.

Preparation of IHM and related documentation
When the analysis of all samples is completed and all the items onboard containing hazardous materials are identified through the check, approximate quantities of them should be estimated and relevant report and IHM to be prepared.

Delivery of IHM
After the preparation of the IHM, it is checked and certified by the Classification in order to be delivered to the owner.

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