Evac OnlineMax R

The Evac OnlineMax R is the most powerful and energy-efficient online vacuum collection system on the market. The Max concept was designed as an energy efficient way to meet the increasing demand for larger vacuum capacity in vacuum toilet systems on large vessels such as cruise ships. The Evac OnlineMax R offers significant long-term operational savings – the bigger the vessel, the greater the cost efficiency.

In the double-stage vacuum (DSV) system, the air/sewage mixture is divided into separate sewage and air phases. Because each phase is handled by a separate specialized pump rather than by common, non-optimized pumps for both phases, the system is much more efficient.



  • High-capacity system with a small footprint (1 m²/10.76 ft2)
  • Suitable for both new builds and retrofits
  • Quick and flexible installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Robust design with high-quality, reliable components
  • No foaming means no need for antifoaming chemicals
  • No collection tank needed
  • High discharge head of up to 20 meters/65.61 feet
  • No sealing water required, meaning lower fresh water consumption

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