Evac glass crushers EGC 521 and EGC 55

Evac standalone glass crushers break down glass bottles to reduce the storage volume required for glass recycling. Because the Evac crushers use rotating knives, they can handle high volumes of glass waste quickly and efficiently. The crushed glass is collected in an integrated storage container located below the crusher.

Evacs offers two glass crusher models. For small and medium-sized vessels such as yachts, the Evac GCS 55 processes bottles one at a time. For larger vessels such as cruise ships and ferries, the Evac GCS 521 can process several bottles simultaneously.


  • Reduces the storage space required for glass waste (8:1)
  • Small footprint
  • Energy efficient and quiet operation
  • Standalone units, easy to relocate as required
  • Durable construction


Dry waste produced on board vessels can be divided into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. IMO MARPOL Annex V prohibits the discharge of any dry waste into the sea, so it must be stored on board. Evac dry waste collection and handling systems for recyclable waste significantly reduce the space needed for dry waste storage. Our range includes glass crushers, compactors, bailers, and can densifiers for all kind of vessels

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