The Evac MBR  (membrane bioreactor) is an advanced wastewater treatment process that can treat all wastewater streams to current standards. Evac MBR treatment plants are certified to meet both the IMO MEPC 159(55) and the new IMO MEPC 227(64) with nutrient removal, and also have River Rhine certification and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) type approval.

The Evac MBR is a biological sewage treatment plant that offers advanced black and gray wastewater treatment solutions. It directly replaces traditional biological units, and with its membrane technology it easily fulfills all current and imminent treatment requirements. In some cases, effluent from the unit can even be recycled for specific uses. It allows vessels to operate in environmentally sensitive areas, treating and discharging all wastewater generated by passengers and crew without threat to health or the environment. It is based on proven, very low-maintenance membrane bioreactor technology, which is capable of filtering out particles, even those as small as bacteria.

The compact footprint of the membrane bioreactor makes it ideal for retrofit to existing vessels, as well as for installation on new ships.

Standardized small and mid-range

All small and mid-range standard Evac MBRs are available in two models: a basic version and a combined unit known as the C-model.

In combined units the Evac MBR is equipped with an ejector vacuum unit, so no separate ejector vacuum unit or collecting tank is required. A combined Evac MBR unit has several advantages: although the C-model has a slightly larger footprint than its basic counterpart, the total footprint of the MBR unit and the ejector vacuum unit is smaller than the footprint of two separate units. The C-model is also easier to use as both units can be monitored from a single control panel. C-models are also more cost-effective than purchasing a basic model and an ejector vacuum unit separately.

For mid-range Evac MBRs, a nutrient removal (N) module is also available if required.

Large and customizable

Custom-designed Evac MBRs are typically used when the hydraulic or organic load requirement of the application is so high that the use of Evac standard units is not possible.

Because of the large size of cruise vessels, custom-designed membrane bioreactor plants are the only option for all but the smallest river cruise vessels. The capacity of custom-designed membrane bioreactors, including their hydraulic and BOD loads, can be agreed separately with Evac. A custom-designed MBR plant can also be used for applications with special requirements, such as nitrogen or phosphorus removal. For all large and custom-designed Evac MBRs, a nutrient removal (N) module is also available if required.


  • Proven technology with very low sludge production
  • Extremely low running costs and minimal energy consumption
  • Membrane has an expected lifetime of over 10 years and is resistant to clogging and fouling
  • Compact footprint
  • No continual chemical consumption
  • Disinfection and dilution water are not required
  • Available also with combined vacuum creation for toilet system
  • Fully automated and easy to operate with MLSS- and pH-sensors
  • Easily customized for your preference
  • Option to connect directly to inlet line (no holding tank needed)
  • Nutrient removal available as an option
  • Over 500 marine references

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