Type 1850 is a compact unit. Totally enclosed drive unit for safety, reliability and longevity. Quick and easy installation – reducing the total costs. 2 speed operation with self parking. Intermittent wipe available dependant upon selected controller. De-icing heaters in arms an option for cold weather operation. Spray nozzles available in arms for efficient flow of fresh water. Inward facing drive as standard; outward facing drive an option

Type 1850 Arms & Blades

Hepworth Marine International manufactured wiper arms come in a standard stainless-steel, with a black powered coated overlay.  As an additional option, arms can be available polished.

  • Blade length: 300mm – 800mm in 50mm increments
  • Arm Length: 300mm – 850mm in 50mm increments
  • Pantograph Wipe Arc: Adjustable from 35 degrees to 90 degrees in 5 degree increments


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