The heavy duty Type D (externally mounted motor) and Type C (internally mounted motor) straightline wipers offer the most advanced design of linear action window wiping systems for marine and other specialist applications.

Arms with blades up to  1000mm (39inch) available. A large wiped window coverage can be achieved. Reliable operation in extreme temperatures. 2 or 3 speed operation with self parking facility. Available in 24, 115 and 230 volt, single phase or three phase AC.

A large wiped window coverage can be achieved, providing maximum view from the ships bridge whatever the weather, in temperatures from as low as -40ºC to extreme tropical conditions. High powered AC induction motors provide an efficient, reliable and quiet operation.

Incorporating the highest quality 316 Stainless Steel and other noncorrosive materials throughout, the Type D has the motor outboard so that it is only necessary to bring the electrical cables through the bulkhead. the motor housing is fully sealed to IP67 standards.

Standard controllers are available in 1- 6 ways, with modular systems being supplied where there are more wipers or have a special requirement. Control features can include 2 or 3 speed operation, self parking, intermittent wipe, heater switch, master group control and wash/air purge functions.

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