The sales and engineering company Hans Buch A/S shakes hands with Denmark’s largest service company within electromechanical repair and service, Pronor IndustriTeknik as. A handshake that ensures stable operations with customers in the metal industry, explains the division director.

A handshake that ensures stable operations for the customers.

This is the purpose of a new service and repair agreement that the sales and engineering company Hans Buch A/S has entered with the service company Pronor IndustriTeknik as.

The collaboration brings together the expertise between two of the industry’s strongest players in each field within technical consultancy, and the agreement helps customers with quick response times to urgent needs and ongoing servicing of the machines that Hans Buch A/S supplies to the wide industry.

– The agreement ensures Hans Buch a stable and reliable partner who emphasises to our industrial customers that they can trust that Hans Buch does not just leave the machine at the door, explains Rasmus Pedersen, Director and CCO for the Industry Division at Hans Buch.

The metal industry has many machines from Hans Buch

The machines to be serviced come from TOX Pressotechnik and Haeger, which increase productivity through automation for manufacturing companies that process metal elements for plate joining and mounting.

In recent years, Hans Buch has supplied approx. 25 machines to Danish customers who continuously undergo planned service and who are in need of a quick response when an accident occurs with a machine that, contrary to expectations, needs to be repaired. In addition, Hans Buch expects an increasing demand for the machines as the metal industry increases automation in their production.

– With Pronor on board, our customers always have access to technicians who can carry out planned service and who, in the event of an urgent need, can ensure that the customers are quickly back to stable operation, says Rasmus Pedersen.

Service partner with great growth

Pronor IndustriTeknik has strengthened its capacity and position through acquisitions and strategic collaborations. This has resulted in the service company that within a short period of time has become the market leader in electromechanical maintenance and repair.

In January, Pronor took over the electromechanical activities of the engineering company Kemp & Lauritzen in Albertslund, with an address close to Hans Buch’s office and warehouse. In total, Pronor IndustriTeknik has seven departments distributed throughout the country.

– Pronor’s nationwide presence gives us a guarantee that help is always nearby, regardless of where in the country our customers have production facilities, says Rasmus Pedersen.

Strengthens its position further with partnership with Hans Buch

The service agreement increases the order book at Pronor, which in addition to the agreement will also source spare parts from Hans Buch. It is a strategic collaboration that Pronor looks forward to, and which strengthens both companies, explains owner and CEO of Pronor, Søren Nedergaard.

– Pronor is delighted about the collaboration with Hans Buch. We are both companies that help the Danish industry within each of our areas. Together we are stronger and can provide customers with a better overall solution.

– Hans Buch is a leader in machines for plate joining and mounting, and Pronor is proud to be able to help strengthen this position, he says

Pronor IndustriTeknik employs approx. 40 employees, including approx. 20 technicians, and has expertise in a number of areas such as electric motors, generators, pumps, gears, pneumatics, hydraulics, ventilation and cooling.

Fact: About Hans Buch A/S

  • Hans Buch A/S is a Danish sales and engineering company located in Albertslund, Greater Copenhagen.
  • Hans Buch A/S was found in 1918 and employs approx. 50 employees today.
  • Hans Buch A/S supplies the wide industry, as well as the sectors within transportation and infrastructure with technical expertise, solutions, and components.

Fact: About Pronor IndustriTeknik as

  • Pronor IndustriTeknik as has servicered the Danish industry for more than 70 years focussing on electromechanic service and reparation.
  • Pronor IndustriTeknik as has country-wide service with seven locations in Aarhus, Albertslund, Ringe, Aalborg, Herning, Middelfart og Haslev and employs approx. 40 employees, including approx. 20 technicians.
  • Pronor IndustriTeknik specialises in electric motors, generators, pumps, gears, pneumatics, hydraulics, ventilation, and cooling.


Quotation source:
Rasmus Pedersen
Divisions Director, Industry,
Hans Buch A/S

Tel. 22 94 80 94

Quotation source:
Søren Nedergaard
Owner & CEO,
Pronor IndustriTeknik as

Tel. 20 34 65 04

Press coordination:
Martin Pilgaard
Communications Consultant,
Hans Buch A/S

Tel. 24 49 70 06

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