Customer case: More than 600 sets of cable harnesses ensure the customer a specially developed concept, thoroughly tested and durable solution that optimises the customer’s own resources. Prior to the delivery, Hans Buch has brought its technical expertise into play with the development of concept drawings and quality checks.

Total solution of cable harnesses provides resource optimisation

Hans Buch has supplied cable harnesses to a manufacturer of industrial fans and ventilation systems.

Through a close collaboration with Hans Buch, the customer has received a customised solution for a unique industrial cooling application in a larger electronic application. Here, we have brought our technical expertise into play from the very beginning of the concept phase with application drawings, along the way in the form of ongoing adaptations and tests and up to delivery of the finished unique solution.

  • The challenge: The customer produced its own cable harnesses. The process was cumbersome and provided insufficient utilisation of space and resources. The customer also needed a faster and error-free solution.
  • The solution: A total solution with a unique configuration from Hans Buch with technical guidance, development of concept drawings and delivery with production from the manufacturer My-Link.
  • The result: Finished unique cables adapted to the application in the exact lengths and dimensions, thoroughly tested in accordance with strict quality controls.

The unique composition: A tangle of power and control signals

40 power cables, 13 control signal cables and two distribution boxes make up the unique composition for the delivery of cable harnesses for the customer’s unique application.

In the first instance, over 600 sets of cable harnesses are delivered, which form a vital part of the customer’s application with industrial fans to be used as cooling for a larger electronic application. The customer specialises in industrial fans that e.g. are well-suited for tunnels, buildings, agriculture, data centers and parking facilities, which each have high quality requirements for regulating temperatures and air flows.

Cable harness ensures unique configuration and correct functioning

The quality requirements, together with the unique configurations, are the core of the total solution that Hans Buch has delivered for the project.

Prior to the production of the cable harnesses, the solution has been through a long process of technical guidance, concept drawings, adjustments and supplements, as well as mockup tests. This has resulted in a unique configuration that is thoroughly tested, long-lasting and meets all functional requirements for the application.

The cables are continuously tested during production, as well as when they are fully configured to maintain high standards. The thorough concept development is not least due to the fact that the cable harnesses is a vital part of the customer’s application, which must provide cooling for critical electronic infrastructure with industrial fans.

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