Navigation and Communication

Service on offshore vessels, radar installations and other marine installations.

Environment, climate and safety

Gasdetection, meteorology and air quality equipment as well as temperature monotoring.

Your reliable and competent service partner

Get competent and reliable help at all hours of the day all year round and avoid unpleasant surprises. With a service agreement from Hans Buch Marine, you can ensure that your installations always work as intended. With us you get:

  • 24/7/365 direct contact to highly skilled technicians by phone and/or mail.
  • Assurance that your regulatory requirements are met so you can feel safe.
  • Warnings against dangerous situations - before they occur.
  • Documentation of processes and validation of installations.
  • Help to secure your working environment.
  • Detection and warnings of invisible and odorless gas leaks.
  • Delivery of data from critical installations before important decisions.
  • Preventive maintenance and optimization of return on investment.

"Throughout my 40 years in the industry, I have never previously worked with such professional and competent people who are constantly chasing the best solution. Thank you."


The many years we have spent in the business ourselves have given us a strong technical know-how and knowledge of products that will benefit you in the service process. This, combined with several years of experience as a partner for many large companies, ensures you a service that surpasses most.


ISO 9001:2015



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