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At Hans Buch A/S, we are not shy about calling ourselves experts when it comes to linear slides, or drawer slides, as some like to call them. For us, it’s not about the name, but about the function that the slide must fulfill and the specific challenge that our customers have when they approach us.

Over many years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about slides across many industries and sectors. That is why we have also spoken many customers who have faced a challenge about selecting the right slide, which was occasionally particularly unique to them. At other times, it has been more standard solutions that customers have requested. But nevertheless, the many conversations with customers and the many visits to their locations and reviews of their technical solutions have given us a solid foundation to stand on in terms of technical guidance and choosing the right slide.

In this article, we have collected some of the typical considerations you should take into account when choosing your slides:

5 things to consider when choosing slides

  1. How much load will the slides be subjected to? How many kilos should the slide set carry?
  2. What extension length is desired and what are the installation dimensions?
  3. In which environment will the slides be placed in?
  4. What corrosion resistance is desired? For example, stainless steel, aluminum or steel with an alu/zinc surface?
  5. Is a locking device necessary?

The five points above to consider when selecting a slide solution are good to keep in mind. On one hand, they force you to consider which slide functions are important to you and on the other hand, they make the dialogue you have with your supplier, whether it is Hans Buch or someone else, become much more concrete, efficient and time-saving. It ultimately helps to make the process faster and simpler and can help you save money.

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