PLC’s and HMI’s for Automation & Robotics

Get high-quality PLC’s for the control and safety management of your robots and other automated machines. The PLC’s can be integrated with safety sensors, emergency stops, safety switches and much more, which contribute to maintaining high and strict safety requirements.

PLC’s / Safety PLC’s

Advanced technology and reliable security.
Our programme of PLC’s offers advanced technology that ensures you reliable control of your automation applications with high security and that meets strict safety requirements.

Drive Controllers

Compact universal solution for step motors and BLDC motors.
Drive controllers with integrated web server for easy setup without additional software installation. It provides an easy configuration of the module simply by connecting a PC with an ethernet port. Read more by downloading the data sheet below.


Powerful industry standard for PLC applications.
Display units in the sizes 4.3″, 7″ and 10.4″ with the built-in software packages CODESYS HMI, which enable the visualisation of data from one or more PLC applications. Read more by downloading the data sheet below.

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This is why we recommend PLC’s and HMI’s by Kendrion

More than 100 years of history and the development of complex technological solutions with advanced materials. That makes Kendrion a recognised front runner on the world market as an innovative developer and manufacturer of, among many other things, PLC’s and controllers.

Kendrion’s global presence ensures fast and reliable support and underlines the quality and user-friendly recognition of their solutions.

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