At Hans Buch, we believe that the future of operation and production is a collaboration between humans and robots. Enable your company’s growth potential with our automation solutions.

Benefit from our many automation solutions at Hans Buch

Hans Buch offers standard components and tailor-made solutions for the industry within automation. You get competent guidance in the concept and development phase, which among other things means, that all safety measures are considered in the surroundings and tasks of the robot when your employees work among them.

Automation can be your golden key to growth. As a business owner, technician or OEM developer, there are several benefits to consider when you move a stationary production robot, a collaborative robot or a self-driving mobile robot into your business operations.




Cable Harnesses



LED & Signal

Safety & Navigation


Push Buttons

Customised HMI

Cabinets & Enclosures

Automatic Slides

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Automation increases competitiveness

Automation can contribute to rapid adaptation and changes in a market where technologies and opportunities are constantly evolving. It improves the flexibility when your company must adapt to changing market needs and the introduction of new products.

With automation, you also get a more efficient global scale-up. Your company’s presence increases at a faster pace with automated systems, which prepare your company for the increased competition and enter new markets.

Automation provides precision and high quality

Human errors are minimized, and it will result in fewer production stoppages and fewer defective products. With automated solutions, you benefit from the precision of the machines and their ability to perform repetitive tasks. In this way, your company achieves error-free results in your production to a greater extent.

Automation contributes to cost savings and environmental benefits

Optimise the use of your employees’ skills by freeing up resources to further develop both your employees and your company. Your production volume increases considerably without increasing production costs accordingly.

At the same time, automation optimises your company’s production processes and can contribute to minimising resource wastage – e.g., with less energy consumption.

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