Hans Buch acquires new certification in the form of ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management and expands the portfolio to a total of three certifications, which also count ISO 9001 quality management and 14001 environmental management. It clearly states that we support the well-being, involvement and safety of our employees.

Hans Buch A/S now holds the ISO 45001 certification in occupational health and safety management, which is the international standard for a good working environment. It requires that management at a workplace take responsibility for maintaining and continuously improving a number of initiatives that promote a healthy, safe and secure workplace.

Therefore, it is with great pride that the working environment at Hans Buch is now also recognised according to international standards in this field.

– This clearly emphasises our targeted efforts that support the well-being, involvement, and safety of our employees, says Lene Schæbel, HR Business Manager at Hans Buch.

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Working environment is a joint task between management and employees

At Hans Buch, there is a particular focus on the psychological working environment, healthy conditions and continued development within the working environment. The efforts with the best possible conditions takes place in cooperation between management and employees. At the same time, it is one of the main principles of ISO 45001 that the framework for the collaboration is the establishment of a working environment organisation.

Thus, Hans Buch’s working environment organisation is composed of elected employees with wide representation in the various business areas. This ensures close cooperation and a strong common culture in the efforts to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. Working for a strong sense of togetherness has been and continues to be a cardinal point for Hans Buch’s CEO, Martin de Feuth Jensen.

– Satisfied employees are the foundation for us to keep develop the company as one unit with a strong common culture. We are proud that ISO 45001 now documents that we live up to the good initiatives that we say we appreciate, he says.

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Involvement and meaningful tasks create a good working environment

A company with ISO 45001 certification in occupational health management must have established an EHS platform (Environmental, Health and Safety), a management system that all employees in the organisation must use to report incidents about e.g. occupational and personal accidents.

At the same time, all employees must have easy access to find a range of information that creates an overview of the working environment. This concerns e.g. on policies and discussions on the working environment, action plans, guidelines, personnel handbooks and the like, which form a solid basis for maintaining a safe and secure workplace and continuous further development.

Working environment management is Hans Buch’s third ISO certification

In Hans Buch, there has been continuous work with quality standards for processes and follow-up to achieve the certification in occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001). This is the third certification in Hans Buch’s portfolio, which also includes quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (14001).

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Fact: About Hans Buch A/S

  • Hans Buch A/S is a sales and engineering company located in Albertslund.
  • Hans Buch A/S was established in 1918 and employs approx. 50 today.
  • Hans Buch A/S is a supplier for the wide industry, as well as for the sectors within transportation and infrastructure, providing technical expertise, solutions and components.
  • Since 1994, Hans Buch A/S has been certified in quality management according to the standard ISO 9001.
  • Since 2021, Hans Buch A/S has been additionally certified in ISO 14001 (environmental management) and recently achieved ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management) in 2024.
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