Press release: The sales and engineering company Hans Buch A/S supplies vital components for a unique application that challenges the market with effective water purification.

With a large range of components from Hans Buch, the company Split Water Nordic ApS has built a unique application that paves the way for more efficient wastewater treatment and that effectively removes PFAS and pesticides in drinking water.

The application is an automatic water treatment system that ensures less water wastage and can save customers many expenses when secondary water is used for e.g. toilet flushing and dish washing.

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The water treatment plant is scalable and is suitable for many industries. It enables e.g. adaptations on a larger scale in central water supply systems and for smaller volumes in e.g. apartment buildings, where the modern buildings of the future will optimise resources by, among other things, recycling and reducing waste water.

Complete range from European manufacturers

Hans Buch A/S has provided technical product guidance and supplied pumps, instrumentation and valves for the water treatment plant with European manufacturers exclusively.

It is a priority for Split Water Nordic in the efforts for a sustainable supply chain in both origin and performance, project manager at Split Water Nordic, Alex-Sander Martin Christensen, explains.

– At Split Water Nordic, we have focused on good and durable components in the entire process chain. We know Hans Buch as a stable supplier and with a priority of quality products that can be scaled according to our needs, explains project manager at Split Water Nordic, Alex-Sander Martin Christensen, and adds:

– In addition, we focus on the components contributing to our application being space- and energy-optimising, so we went for products that have high performance in the least possible space and with the least possible energy consumption.

Proud supplier of technical solutions for the industry

The collaboration with Split Water Nordic is one of many examples of Hans Buch striving for complete solutions that provide unique applications for the broad industry. CCO and division director of Hans Buch Industry, Rasmus Pedersen, explains:

– Our deliveries to Split Water Nordic, where we have brought our wide technical knowledge and assortment into play in the concept phase, provide the customer with a total solution for a unique concept that we are proud to be a part of. We are delighted to see the growth that Split Water Nordic has, and we look forward to the continued, close collaboration, he says.

Focus on climate and the environment creates interest in Denmark and abroad

The application by Split Water Nordic has attracted interest from both large Danish water supply plants, as well as in development projects on a smaller scale.

Specifically, our Swedish neighbors are working on the development project Rewaise, which is supported by the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. The project has installed Split Water Nordic’s solution in the basement of a newly built apartment building for the local reduction of water waste and the purification of secondary water for use in e.g. baths and toilet flush.

Many other projects await Split Water Nordic, which is busy in the production hall, and the collaboration with Hans Buch is therefore paramount for them to be able to keep up with demand.

– Hans Buch’s expertise, good customer service and fast delivery times make them a stable and good business partner for us. We experience a quick response and fast delivery times for the products we demand, and this enables us to deliver our finished concepts to customers both in Denmark and abroad, he concludes.

Fact: About Hans Buch A/S

  • Hans Buch A/S is a sales and engineering company located in Albertslund.
  • Hans Buch A/S was established in 1918 and employs approx. 50 today.
  • Hans Buch A/S is a supplier for the wide industry, as well as for the sectors within transportation and infrastructure, providing technical expertise, solutions and components.

Fact: Split Water Nordic ApS

  • Split Water Nordic is a Danish company with production facilities in Greve and which has developed a scalable water treatment applikation.
  • The application has a low energy consumption of only 25 W per cubic meter purified water and removes PFAS and pesticides with one of the lowest carbon consumption per cubic meter in the market.
  • The application by Split Water Nordic consists of pumps, instrumentation and valves supplied by Hans Buch.
  • The overall concept takes up 70 % less space than competing, conventional solutions and has a water recovery of 98 %.
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