The supply of LED lights from Hans Buch to more than 150 of the company’s tankers provides major power savings, significant CO2 reductions and, not least, all the necessary certificates.

With a 3-year framework agreement with Hans Buch, one of the world’s largest tanker shipping companies will upgrade their lighting aboard to LED in its fleet. For now, the framework agreement is a supply of LED for more than 150 tanker ships.

The agreement ensures the shipping company a significant contribution to the climate goals for international shipping with a good business case and not least a solution with all the necessary LED certificates within marine & offshore.

  • The challenge: The shipping industry will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demands operationally reliable solutions, increasing personal safety as well.
  • The solution: Hans Buch’s range of durable LED lighting, which with all the right certificates is well-suitable for maritime use.
  • The result: Short ROI (return of investment) of 6-8 months and significant CO2 reductions by reduced electricity consumption for lighting, as well as increased safety due to less maintenance.

– The framework agreement is an example of how the shipping industry has seriously embarked on initiatives that improve operations both in terms of the climate, economy, and safety. These are significant improvements on all three parameters, says Palle Wredstrøm, sales director at Hans Buch Marine.

The shipping company’s upgrade to LED reduces energy consumption and dangerous incidents

The shipping company is upgrading all fluorescent tubes, projectors, incandescent bulbs and other lighting to LED. Each of the 150 tankers must have, on average, upgraded approx. 1000 fluorescent tubes to LED tubes and approx. 30 projectors to LED floodlights, as well as other lighting.

Annual savings: 200-300 MWh per tanker with LED

By upgrading all lighting to LED, it is estimated that each of the shipping company’s 150 tankers will achieve an energy saving of approx. 200-300 MWh per year. It is due to the LED technology that has less power consumption and yet more powerful lighting compared to conventional lighting.

Maritime requirements for LED are documented with all the necessary certificates

Hans Buch’s range of LED tubes, LED floodlights and LED bulbs is equipped with all the necessary certificates that are required and widely demanded in the transport industry. This applies, for example, to certificates documenting a lifespan of more than 10 years, as well as the high quality of the product:

  • Vibration test
  • Fire safety
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Flicker-free lighting
  • Long lifespan og durability (L70, +78.000 hours)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Color Rendering Index Test (CRI)
  • Explosion protection (ATEX zone 1 and 2)

The long service life and high quality contribute significantly to better personal and operational safety. The lifetime of the LED lighting is greatly extended compared to the conventional lighting. It will typically exceed the lifespan of the tankers, and thus, completely eliminate the need for dangerous tasks with service and repair or replacement.

These documented properties contribute to safer operations, explains Palle Wredstrøm.

– The reduced need of maintenance of the ship’s lighting with LED installed not only ensures better visibility for the crew on board. It ensures fewer dangerous tasks with repairing lights in high-hanging masts and minimises the costs of spare parts, he says.

Upgrading to LED gives the shipping company a short ROI and significant CO2 reductions

When you enter into agreements with Hans Buch about upgrading to LED, we calculate both the financial business case, energy consumption and a CO2 account that, with a conservative estimate, shows potential for reducing emissions and achieving good contributions to climate goals.

The large reduction in energy consumption gives each of the shipping company’s approx. 150 tankers major financial and climate benefits by upgrading to LED lighting. This is due to the reduced fuel consumption for the diesel generators that drive the electricity used on board the ships.

Investment returned in 6-8 months after installation

According to Hans Buch’s conservative estimates, the reduced energy consumption of 200-300 MWh per tanker will give the shipping company a ROI (return of investment) of just 6-8 months after installation. This is due to the lower energy consumption after the upgrade to LED.

Significant CO2 reduction of approx. 210 tons annually per tanker

Based on the lower energy consumption of 200-300 MWh per year, each of the shipping company’s 150 tankers will achieve an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 210 tonnes. The significant CO2 reduction is a conservative estimate based on Hans Buch’s calculations by the shipping company’s lower fuel consumption to drive the diesel generators that supply power to the tankers.

Perspective: The shipping industry works towards strict climate goals

The international shipping industry is working to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40 % from 2008 to 2030. Only 10 years later in 2040, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 70 % with the aim of 80% compared to the 2008 level.

Hans Buch works professionally with certified environmental management for maritime business

At Hans Buch, we work with internationally recognised standards such as ISO 14001 within environmental management. Certification in environmental management makes demands on Hans Buch’s internal processes and ability to optimise resources use and reduce pollution. This is reflected in the technical solutions that we collaborate on with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Hans Buch has also maintained ISO 9001 certification in quality management for the past three decades.

The transportation sector and the wide industry also demand LED

Hans Buch’s LED lighting is rapidly finding its way to several transportation sectors, as well as in the wide industry. This is particularly the case in the shipping industry, where one of the low-hanging fruits in efforts to achieve CO2 reductions is upgrading lighting to LED from older technologies such as fluorescent tubes, halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Hans Buch’s LED programme is also suitable in the wide industry, such as in e.g. the building and construction industry, as well as the railway industry, where we won a large tender to upgrade LED for DSB’s large train fleet in 2023.

Also read: “Hans Buch wins tender with LED lighting for DSB’s IC3 fleet” (Danish)

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