Get technical guidance to the right solutions for your production in the metal industry from Hans Buch. We assist with in-depth know-how and deliver mechanical solutions that help your company increase productivity and consistently high quality that both you and your customers can rely on.

Over many years, Hans Buch has built up a technical know-how and delivered high-quality mechanical fasteners from PEM®. which is used by many Danish metal companies. The mounting machines from Haeger are designed to be able to handle these mechanical components, and we offer technical guidance and a large assortment of mechanical solutions that suit your company’s exact needs.

The metal industry benefits greatly from Haeger machines

A mounting machine from Haeger can be a valuable investment for companies in the metal industry that specialise in metalworking.

Within mounting, Hans Buch offers a large range of mechanical fasteners, and together with the programme of Haeger mounting machines, you are guaranteed a solution that suits your challenges and needs as a metal manufacturer.

Here are three good reasons to invest in an assembly machine from Haeger:

1) Effective cost management

Automation of production processes contributes to a reduction in your costs in productions and operations. This very reason gave a customer a cause to invest in a machine, as Hans Buch demonstrated a short return of the investment with figures provided by the customer.

Read the customer case: “ROI calculation provided TRECO with an effective Haeger solution

2) Uniformity and high quality

Using Haeger mounting machines, you are guaranteed consistent and reliable results. The machines have built-in safety and quality systems that guarantee uniformity and high quality that both you and your customers can always rely on.

Furthermore, Hans Buch offers a service and repair agreement, so that you are always guaranteed a service technician when both scheduled service and – when accidents occurs – repairs need to be carried out.

Read more: “Press release: Hans Buch and Pronor enter new service partnership

3) Enhanced competitiveness

Mounting machines from Haeger automate the mounting process, and as you can read in the case story via the link further up, productivity can be tripled with the investment in a machine from Haeger. It increases competitiveness with faster production and deliveries to the customers and with increased production capacity.

See the selection of mounting machines

Achieve maximum production capacity and process control with the mounting machines from Haeger. The machines provide your company with versatile production and easy set-up, which increases automation with insertion systems for the mounting of mechanical fasteners.

Haeger 824™ OneTouch® 5e

Automated tool management for handling multiple items.
The Haeger 824™ OneTouch® 5e comes with an integrated tool station with space for four different types and with automatic retraction, indexing and positioning. Download and read more in the brochure below.

Haeger 824™ OneTouch® 5e LITE

The golden mean for your unique needs.
Combine the versatility of the Haeger 824™ WindowTouch® 5e with the productivity of the 824™ OneTouch® 5e. This machine has, among other things, attachment recognition and registration of studs and distance lengths from two stations. Download and read more in the brochure below.

Haeger 824™ Window Touch® 5e

Versatile machine for handling many types of components.
The Haeger 824™ Window Touch® 5e is for you who want a versatile setup to handle many different items. This machine gives you the easiest tool setup, easier and faster programming and good ergonomics for the operator. Download and read more in the brochure below.

Haeger 824™ MSP 5e

B8 ton (72kN) ram force with 610 mm throat depth.
Reliable and energy-efficient fully hydraulic mounting machine that can handle up to four different items at the same time. Can be purchased with systems for e.g. automatic feed and tool protection. Download and read more in the brochure below.

Haeger 618™ MSP 5e

6 ton (54kN) ram force with 450 mm throat depth.
Smaller version of the 824™ MSP 5e with the same features and optional extras. Download and read more in the brochure below.

PEMSERTER® Series 4®

Pneumatisk montagemaskine til PEM®
Designed to handle PEM® press fasteners with adjustable press strength between 1.8 and 53.4 kN. Download and read more in the brochure below.

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Hans Buch offers a wide quality selection of mechanical components, fasteners and other mechanical solutions for the wide industry. Click on the button below and get the overview.

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