In Hans Buch’s article series with use cases for Automation & Robotics, you will find inspiration for customised technical solutions for your unique applications.

In your efforts to increase automation in your production or logistics processes, Hans Buch is a suitable business partner for developing your applications. We market a wide range of technical solutions for Automation & Robotics with hand-picked suppliers and manufacturers who are among the market leaders worldwide in each of their fields.

Automation significantly contributes to optimising your business operations by increasing competitiveness through more efficient productivity and logistics and with high precision and uniform quality. In this article, you will find inspiration for how we at Hans Buch can help you put together components and solutions with unique adaptations that cover your exact needs.

Six examples of Hans Buch’s expertise for Automation & Robotics

Here you will find six examples of how Hans Buch can help optimise your unique solution for your applications within Automation & Robotics.

  • Thorough safety review: Get technical advice on safety solutions for your AGV and other moving applications.
  • Adaptive network solutions: Get user-friendly and scalable solutions for your current needs, but which are scalable and ready to realise growth potential.
  • Tailored screen build: Specially designed HMI solutions for human-machine interactions.
  • Cost and process optimisation ensured with cable harnesses: Freeing up space in your facilities with high delivery reliability and quality optimises processes and costs.
  • Thorough feasibility studies and reality testing of sensors: Sensor solutions with thorough feasibility studies and testing of technologies and implementation.
  • Strong supplements for the application: Add-ons with technologies that further strengthen security, user friendliness and uptime.

Read our article series with use cases for Automation & Robotics

Get the overview and read our use cases, which can provide inspiration for concept development of your next application for Automation & Robotics with Hans Buch as technical advisor and supplier. Our wide range of solutions gives you many unique options, which we can help you adapt from the beginning with concept drawings, tests and adjustments right through to the commissioning of your application.

Safety: Navigation, Drive & Safety Control

Optimal combination of wheels, motors, and gears in interaction with safe navigation and monitoring with safety scanners and safety controllers.

Network: Scalable total solution with unique IoT eSIM option

Customisable RMS options, aggregation of cellular connections, and scalable setups for future growth with solutions for both hardware and software.

Custom Input & Screen Build: Customised HMI

Tailor-made development of all-in-one HMI solution with in-depth knowledge from more than 40 years of experience provides a wide range of customisation options.

Plug & Play: Optimisation & Delivery Assurance

Free up resources with a plug & play solution that creates confidence with high delivery assurance and optimises processes and costs by freeing up space.

Sensor technology: Comprehensive studies of proof of concept

Get an in-depth feasibility study with testing of relevant sensor technologies, ensuring a reliable basis for technical functionality and economic profitability..

Add-ons: Quality supplement for your unique application

Read three examples of your options for further adaptations and supplements that increase the quality with safe operations and extended uptimes in your application.

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